Breastfeeding & Dental Work

Posted March 13th, 2018

If you’re a new mom or about to be one, you’re likely already used to putting your needs second to the needs of this beautiful new little person in your life – but maintaining good oral hygiene is still important

The Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

Posted February 27th, 2018

Fresh breath sets the tone for every moment of your day: first thing in the morning, before an important meeting, after working out, or just before bed. Whether you prefer cool mint, invigorating cinnamon, or herbal anise, it’s your favorite

Fun Dental Facts – Did You Know?

Posted February 13th, 2018

Sure, dentistry is serious medicine, and daily dental hygiene is a top priority. But teeth can be pretty fun, too! For starters, have you ever seen the full sets of baby teeth and adult teeth present in a child’s head

Did George Washington Really Have Wooden Teeth?

Posted January 17th, 2018

When he became the first president of the United States, George Washington had only one real tooth left! You heard right — just ONE. Everyone has heard something about this great man and his dental history, but if you heard

The Tooth About Teeth Grinding

Posted January 13th, 2018

Headaches in Pflugerville are a dime a dozen. We all know the frustration of having your day interrupted by throbbing, shooting pains in the head. If you suffer from frequent headaches that never seem to go away, Dr. Polansky would

The Science of Tooth Decay

Posted December 27th, 2017

If you’ve visited our blog before, you know that we love to talk about tooth decay. The chances are, everyone in Pflugerville has had or will have tooth decay at one point. It is classified by the National Institutes of

Stop Tooth Pain and Sensitivity Now!

Posted December 13th, 2017

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive? There are many specialized toothbrushes and types of mouthwash and toothpaste available to Pflugerville residents who suffer from sensitive teeth. It is a very common problem that lots of products claim they can solve, but

Do Whitening Strips Actually Work?

Posted November 27th, 2017

Whitening strips are among the most popular health and beauty products in Pflugerville. Brightening up your pearly whites is a great way to give your smile a boost, and with all the over-the-counter options, there’s no reason not to pick

4 Facts about Dental Implants

Posted November 13th, 2017

Many Pflugerville residents will lose a tooth at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean your smile needs to suffer. There are numerous ways to fix a lost tooth, but today, Dr. Polansky would like to educate you

Are You Singing the Toothache Blues?

Posted October 27th, 2017

Are you or a loved one suffering from the toothache blues? Don’t wait around in pain for the problem to resolve itself. Although we do enjoy spending quality time with our patients at Go Dental, we don’t want any Pflugerville

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