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Your Pflugerville dentist, Dr. Polansky at Go Dental is a firm believer in the importance of balance – from work/life to diet/nutrition, to treatment planning, life is a balancing act – especially when it comes to the pH balance or the acidity in your mouth. There is sufficient research to show that the acidic foods we eat can cause cavities. But what about our gum health? What about our overall health and wellness? Can excessive acidity in our diet have an effect on how we feel and how healthy we are?

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Alkaline > Acidic

Healthy body cells are alkaline – dead body cells are acidic. Bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. This is well-known fact in the health and dental communities, especially in your mouth. Acidity in the mouth is the primary cause of dental caries, cavities, or tooth decay, and periodontal issues like gum disease. So it makes sense that acidic environments in the rest of the body can be a breeding grounds for bacteria that cause infection.

What can we do?

We all know that we are supposed to eat a healthy balanced diet, minimize our sugar intake, and exercise regularly – in a perfect world. But, since this is not always a reality, we have done significant research and found another way to achieve a closer to ideal pH balance.

SevenPoint2® – The Alkaline Company

The Alkaline movement is gaining significant credibility among the health and wellness community, and Dr. Polansky is here to bring the benefits to his patients – because oral and overall health go hand-in-hand. Science has found the ideal pH in the body’s cells and tissues to be around 7.2, and that maintaining this alkaline state is essential in maintaining optimal health. These pH balancing supplements can help patients lose weight, improve their quality of sleep, naturally increase energy, reduce joint and muscle discomfort, recover more quickly from pain and exertion, support the immune system, and revitalize health – not to mention the results we have seen in our patients oral and gum health!

Does it really work?

Yes! Dr. Polansky will tell you himself. Before discovering SevenPoint2® products, his nutrition was poor, and it showed in the poor health of his gums – they would bleed easily and frequently with simple cleanings. After taking SevenPoint2® products for one month, his hygienist was shocked at the positive changes in his gum or periodontal health. His gums did not bleed at all during the cleaning. He did nothing else differently – he didn’t change his diet, he didn’t have secret dental cleanings on the side, he didn’t change his hygiene routine – he simply took the supplements. Not only were his gums healthier, but he was feeling better and healthier overall. He had more energy, was sleeping better, and feeling generally healthier, not to mention feeling happy about his improved oral health.

Dr. Polansky is not the only one. His patients who were willing to try the product saw fantastic results as well. We found a reduction in bleeding gums between 60-95% – this is huge! Patients were feeling happier, healthier, and more balanced.

Still not convinced?

Alkaline DentistYou’ll just have to try it for yourself. As always, Dr. Polansky would love to chat with you more in depth about the benefits of alkalinity in your periodontal, oral, and overall health. Visit the Alkaline Dentist for more information or to shop products.

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